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My cousin is missing 
18th-Jan-2008 11:18 am
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Here is the information

As some of you know, my daughter, Brittany was sked to go back to Jax from my sister's house on 1 Jan from christmas vacation. Her bags made it, but, she didn't. We have spent the last week trying to get answers from the airlines and the police. My sister finally got word from the Norfolk airport security tapes that brittany boarded the plane, then got off. The security officer is still reviewing tapes to see if she can be tracked through the airport and to see if she met up with anyone. We believe she is with this 26 year old man with whom she has been getting into trouble over for more than 2 years. My sister is working very hard on trying to piece stuff together. I am flying to VA on Friday to try and look for her. I have been waiting to see if she was in VA or FL before I went anywhere. There were a lot of different factors early on leading us to think she did go back to FL. But, now with the security tapes showing she got off the plane, we are pretty sure she is still in VA or NC somewhere. The police are involved and are going to my sister's house today to gather more info.
For all of my praying family and friends out there, I am begging that you please pray for Brittany's safety. We are only assuming she is with this man and really don't know for sure. I will try to keep you all updated and I'm sorry if I haven't been in touch about it.

Thank you,
Love Trish

This is what my mom asked and the response we got
How old is your granddaughter. Have you heard any more about this. I hope she is just off having a good time and not using her head. Has she ever done any thing like this before Let me know what happens. This is a very nasty world out there and everyone should teach there kids to stay away from any one they do not know well. My thoughts are with you all take care,


This is John's granddaughter, I believe she is 16 and she has been a problem for quite some time. It is a scarry situation. Will keep you informed. Love to all, Bruce

Here is the latest info

This is an article about Brittany that we ran in the NC paper. We spent all day Saturday posting flyers and talking to people. We did have a few people say they've seen Brittany. SO, now we are waiting to see if we get any phone calls. We are hitting the path again on Monday. Thanks for all your prayers and support.
Love Trish
Guardian seeks missing teenager

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Staff Writer

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Pasquotank County woman says she's running out of patience with Virginia law enforcement's efforts to find her 16-year-old niece, who has been missing since Jan. 1.

Veronica Catteau in fact is turning to local residents for help, asking them to give her call if they know anything about her niece, Brittany Kaye Scott.

Catteau last saw Brittany on New Year's Day as she passed through a security checkpoint at Norfolk International Airport. The teenager was supposed to board a Southwest Airlines flight to Jacksonville, Fla., and fly down to see her father.

But she never got on the jet.

After going through the first security screening, airport security cameras captured Brittany talking on her cell phone, and then leaving the Norfolk airport. But it would be a week before Catteau, who has had legal guardianship of Brittany since she was 12, would know that. All she knew at the time was that Brittany wasn't with her dad in Jacksonville.

"I went all last week not knowing whether she was here or in Jacksonville," she said.

Catteau only discovered the truth, she said, after her prodding got Norfolk police to check out the airport security cameras.

"It is insane," Catteau said. "I've been getting the runaround for ten days."

Brittany text messaged Catteau's neighbor in Elizabeth City on Jan. 2, saying she is fine and in Jacksonville. But Catteau is convinced Brittany is not in Florida.

She suspects the teenager is with a 26-year-old man she has been hanging out with who lives in Virginia Beach, and whose parents live in the Elizabeth City area.

Norfolk police, meanwhile, are treating Brittany's disappearance as a runaway case, one of many in the bustling city.

Catteau said that a Norfolk police sergeant told her Thursday that runaway cases are given less priority than missing-person cases.

"The first thing he said was, 'We have 109 runaways a week,'" Catteau said. "He basically said, 'It's a runway case. We don't waste our time on it.' I reminded him that nothing has been confirmed. She's never run away before."

Norfolk police officer Chris Amos said the department is actively working to find Brittany Scott. However, he did acknowledge that Norfolk police handle many similar cases.

Before her disappearance, Brittany used to attend Pasquotank High School. Catteau is hoping that the girl's friends and acquaintances in the Elizabeth City area can give her a call if they know anything.

"There are lot of people who know her here," Catteau said.

Catteau said she recently spoke with a Pasquotank deputy about that department helping in the search.

"I was told by a deputy that they can't do anything until Norfolk contacted them," she said.

Pasquotank Sheriff Randy Cartwright said he heard a little bit about the case when Brittany Scott went missing, but nothing since then.

"I checked around (the department), and no one had knowledge of a missing child," he said.

Cartwright said Thursday that he did not understand why Norfolk police have not contacted his office about the case.

"I'd be glad to find someone to check in Virginia and see if there is anything we could do to help," he said. "It has to be very stressful on a parent or guardian not knowing the whereabouts of their child."

Catteau is urging people with information about her niece to call her at 331-1669

Hello family and friends. I would like to start by saying I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers during the last couple of weeks. As of yesterday, Brittany has been missing for two weeks. I have been in NC since last Friday, and unfortunately, I will be heading back to CA tomorrow morning. My Sister and I have been passing on leads (Cagney and Lacey style) to the police and making some progress in pinpointing an area where we think she may be located. We got a tip about a pawn shop that received a pair of earrings that I bought for her two years ago. My Sister and I now have a new establishment to add to our "kicked out of" list. Yes, we apparently struck a nerve with the owner and he kicked us out, after claiming to have never seen Brittany nor any earrings matching the description we gave. We contacted the detective about this man's defensive demeanor and he drove up to VA from NC. We met him at the pawn shop. Amazingly enough, Brittany's earrings were there. We identified them and were able to purchase them back at the same price as they were pawned for...a whopping $15. Those earrings were worth between $250 - $300. The person who pawned the earrings was none other than the 26 yr old man that we suspect she is with. A woman at a 7-11 near there also knows for a fact that she has seen Brittany in the the store and that she comes in often. So, tonight, my Sister and I will take the Soccer Mom Stakeout Van and sit around watching for her. I know it will probably not result in finding her, but, it's my last ditch effort before leaving.
We have plastered most of the Norfolk and NC area with her "missing person" flyer and right now I think we will just have to wait for people to recognize her and call the phone numbers on the flyers.

Again, I thank all of you for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers. I feel blessed to have so many of you in my life. I also appreciate all of the offers to help!


What I dont get is the article says she did not get on the plane, but Trish said they know she did get on and off the plane.
19th-Jan-2008 03:31 pm (UTC)
Wow, I am so sorry. I hope they find her soon. :(
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